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Next Time, Go by Thumb (1968)

Catcher Carl[ton] Fisk of the Waterloo (Midwest) Hawks missed the team bus for a trip to Appleton, Wis., so he decided to hitch-hike.

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Baseball in Fort Wayne by Chad Gramling: a short review

I really wanted to like this book; couldn’t.

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The Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby: a short review

A book full of useful hints about using Photoshop Elements. The book’s organized for reference–this is how to fix [whatever] problem–without a lot of explanation about why the tricks work. This is useful if you find yourself stymied by a problem with a particular photograph; it’s less useful for other purposes.

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Heavy Time by CJ Cherryh: a short review

I’ve returned to Cherryh after a massive dose of David Weber, Elizabeth Moon, and David Drake–all of whom I like immensely. But none approach C.J. Cherryh as a storyteller. This is rich stuff, with impressively well-drawn characters and a convincingly threatening environment.

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Paddlewheels on the Upper Mississippi by Nancy and Robert Goodman: a short review

Regional history the way it ought more often to be written; this book is far better than I anticipated. It’s an excellent survey of the economics, social realities, and technical issues which drove shipping on the Upper Mississippi prior to the arrival of the railroads. What it does unusually well is show how local development reflected the developing national context. Absolutely delightful.

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