Rookie Season by Branson Wright: a review

Better than your run-of-the-mill minor league season chronicle, but it’s still a season chronicle and afflicted with the general faults of the genre….

Branson Wright, who covered the then-new West Michigan Whitecaps for the Grand Rapids Press, summarizes the first year of the team’s existence. The book’s narrative covers the season’s high and low points, describes perhaps twenty games in some detail, and sketches many of the players and other folks involved with the team.

While I’m reasonably certain that much of the content started out as material in Wright’s newspaper columns, the book’s been edited well enough that those seams only rarely show. There are some pertinent illustrations, and a fairly interesting statistical appendix which covers both the players and the team.

There are also some errors. This book would be a very poor starting point for someone trying to come to terms with Midwest League history, of which the author has only a vague grasp.

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