Ump Simon Has a Picnic and Sits Down on the Job (1966)

The Sporting News, September 9, 1966, page 35 (courtesy of Paper of Record, of course):

Cedar Rapids, Ia. — Tom Simon, veteran showman of the Midwest League’s umpire staff, pulled some new tricks here, August 22.

While 1,876 fans roared with laughter in the sixth inning, Simon sauntered to the box seats and downed a sandwich and a cup of coffee provided by a fan.

Then, he accepted a straight-backed chair and called balls and strikes from a sitting position for half an inning. Enjoying this luxury, Simon even ordered Quincy catcher John Hairston to dust off the plate for him.

After the game, the ump was surprised to discover his boss, league President Jim Doster, was in the crowd. Luckily, Doster has a sense of humor.

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