Vincennes to Canton, June 1952

From The Sporting News, courtesy of Paper of Record:

June 11, 1952, page 36:

Although Vincennes was a contender for the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League pennant for the first time in three years, the attendance was so disappointing that General Manager Bob Rouse decided to transfer the franchise to Canton, Ill., June 6. Among the financial difficulties encountered by the Vincennes management was a $4,000 federal tax lien against the ball park. The Citizens played their last home game at Vincennes, June 1.

August 6, page 36:

The Canton (Mississippi-Ohio Valley League) franchise has been purchased by Kenneth McAden of Tyler, Tex. Canton replaced Vincennes in mid-season.

August 20, page 40:

Canton (Mississippi-Ohio Valley) is again being operated by the league after Charles McAiden of Texas, who took over recently as the new owner, failed to raise the necessary cash to complete the deal. During his stay, McAiden released Manager Chuck Hawley and took over himself. Bob Sisk is now in charge of the team.

October 15, page 36:

Canton, Ill., fans are planning to raise $10,000 to purchase the Mississippi-Ohio Valley franchise from the league and operate it as their own in 1953. A steel strike that shut down the International Harvester plant, with 2,800 employes, was a blow to Canton after the city took over the Vincennes franchise. Springfield, Ill, Lafayette, Ind., and Kewanee, Ill. are possiblities for next season if any changes are made in the loop.

As things worked out, the Canton and Centralia franchises dropped out of the league during the off-season.

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