Gruenwald Bows Out (1965)

From The Sporting News, 9/4/65, page 42 (courtesy of Paper of Record):

James Gruenwald, president of the Midwest League, has announced he will not be a candidate for re-election. A resident of Bettendorf, Ia., Gruenwald said he wanted to devote more time to private life and his vice-presidency of the Davenport Bank and Trust Company. Forrest Crawford, supervisor of umpires, has also resigned. James Doster, Decatur club president, may be the next league prexy.

The last sentence was correct; Doster would be MWL president for about a decade.

On the same page:

Ben Cooper, plate umpire in an August 16 Midwest League game–Waterloo at Cedar Rapids–had an uneasy feeling every time he crouched to call balls and strikes. That was understandable since the seat of his pants had split. Happily for Cooper, he was wearing dark shorts and the gap was hard to see. Writer Gus Shrader reported: "We had a pair of binoculars in the press box so we were enjoying Ben’s concern over his predicament. He kept tugging his jacket down and between innings he stood with his balloon protector behind him with an air of nonchalance."

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