Luis Martinez

The sort of odd issue that pops up from time to time in my Midwest League roster project:

The Brewers sent a pitcher named Luis Martinez to Beloit in 2000; in 2003 he pitched a few games for the big club. He’s still an active player, pitching in the Mexican League this year.

According to Howe SportsData’s 2000 season summary, Martinez was a 183 pound, 6’1″ righty. According to Baseball Reference’s player page for Martinez (and a couple other handy sources), he was (is) a 200 pound, 6’6″ southpaw. Except for those little issues, we’re clearly talking about the same guy.

No lesson, here, and Howe’s usually a very reliable source. In 2002 they got things right in their Southern League summary. Meantime, I’m just a little confused, and frustrated….

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