MOV League, August, 1949

From TSN, 8/17/1949, page 35:

Paducah (Mississippi-Ohio Valley) fans hurled stones and beer cans at the Centralia Cubs following the second game of the August 3 double-header in which Catcher Tommy Gatts was ejected for allegedly striking Manager Eddie Kearse of Paducah as he scored the winning run in the sixth inning. . . . Everett Joyner, West Frankfort outfielder, highlighted the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League All-Stars’ 9 to 2 victory over Centralia, August 6, with a single, double, and home run in five trips. . . . Belleville will withdraw from the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League at the close of the season. Cathedral High School of Belleville has purchased the Stags’ park for $20,000, while Jackson, Tenn., is reported in line for the vacated franchise. . . .

That’s the second mention of Paducah fans getting rowdy I tripped across this evening. Probably worth a followup.

And an All-Star game long before the first ASG the league acknowledges. One of these days I need to track those down; I think I’ve got dates for all of them, but no results.

But what really caught my eye, here, was the Belleville ballpark information. Cathedral High is long-gone, now, but a little investigation shows that it was located roughly where St. Elizabeth’s Hospital is–Fifth and Lincoln. And this certainly looks like the remnant of a minor league ballpark.

Jackson, Tennessee? Hmmmm.

Punctuation as in the original, though I’ve fixed the spelling of Paducah. Got this from Paper of Record, of course.