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Midwest League Rosters

For the past few months, I’ve been compiling (or creating, in some cases) electronic rosters for every Midwest League team, organization, and season. I’ve been collecting the basic resources for several years; the recent effort’s been more about getting things into a useful shape than actually acquiring the data. The compilation effort has been–and continues to be–an odd combination of automation and manual handling; it turns out that much of the work is tweaking the data.

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Bikeway Design Atlas, edited by Lyle Brecht: a short review

The book itself is an amazing document; well-designed, informative, well-organized, and attractive.

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The Safeguard of the Sea, by N.A.M. Rodger: a review

While I’m really not qualified to judge the historical content–that’s why I read this book, after all–Rodger is more transparent than many authors as he weighs the available sources, deciding what evidence is actually useful. I find this fascinating and, ultimately, convincing.

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Green Cathedrals, by Phil Lowry: a short review

This is the original, and in many ways the best, edition of Phil Lowry’s Green Cathedrals. The subsequent editions have more information, and have corrected some errors. This edition’s the prototype, and generally more interesting.

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