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The HTML sourcebook by Ian S. Graham: a short review

While this book is clearly obsolete at this point, when it was new it was a terrific guide to both good coding practice and the specific problems generated by the various browsers current when it was published. Well-written and thorough.

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MWL 1982 Expansion: Attendance

The Midwest League’s 1982 format may be serving as a sort of pilot program the major leagues could consider in future years, should the big leagues opt for three divisions. The Midwest is the only Class A league not playing a split season, its three four-team divisions each crowning a champion at the end of the 144-game schedule, then adding a wild-card club–the team with the best record that did not win a divisional title–for a four-game championship playoff.

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Steve Swisher

All of the available sources, including mine, believe Swisher managed New Orleans in 1997. That’s not exactly true.

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A Tree Behind Second

The Charleston [WVA] Charlies were jolted a mite when they walked into Watt Powell Park in Charleston upon returning from spring training to find a huge pine tree growing directly behind second base.

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