Dabbler Migration

I’ve written/posted about 500 entries to this journal over the years. Perhaps half of those are now available on Flickr, another fifty or seventy-five don’t merit the effort required to repost them (some of those entries were pretty much like this one). A number of job-related entries are under embargo, a few postings are not readily available, and ten or so will need rewrites before I repost them (I expect that to happen). The upshot: I’ve recovered over 100 entries from older versions of this journal, and have no particular plans to retrieve a significant number of the rest.

That recovery could have been automated, but I chose to review the individual postings. While there’s some pain in this recovery method, it gave me the opportunity to reread everything, rework a few entries, and check the links on the recovered postings. While I don’t regret the effort, I’m pleased to have the little sub-project complete. Now I can make time for more obviously-interesting activities.

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