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The mid-90s Padres were a formidable team, and for two summers Cami outshone Gwynn and Rickey. Quite an accomplishment.

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WP Themes: Lessons from LightCMS

The big danger with templating languages, whatever the environment, is the temptation to build something really complicated. LightCMS avoids this. The great strength of this theme is its simplicity: There are just a handful of template files, and a simple CSS template controls the screen layout by doing really obvious things in a delightful, well-organized fashion. Understanding this one’s simple; it’s a good place to begin exploring WordPress, and could well be a useful skeleton for building something more elaborate. I might return to this one when I’m ready to implement my final design.

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Bill Mosiello

That voluntary mid-season job change is really quite unusual. But changing schools has been Mosiello’s norm; except for a fairly long stint at Oklahoma, he’s made a habit of moving to another university after a couple years.

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