Bill Mosiello

I generally spend my lunch hours working on my Midwest League website; while I’m doing that, I often discover information, in some way related to the day’s project, which really doesn’t belong on that site.

I’ve been putting some of those notes on the “What’s Changed” page, but that’s not really a good solution as they age off the page within a few weeks (I think of them as notes to my RSS feed’s subscribers). One of the (many) reasons I’ve decided to resurrect this journal is to provide a platform for those research notes.

Bill Mosiello started the 2004 season as Battle Creek’s hitting coach; in mid-season the Yankees reassigned manager Mitch Seaone to their Tampa baseball complex and promoted Bill to manager. The next year they assigned Bill to Charleston, where he managed for a year and a half–then suddenly left the organization in mid-season to accept a job with the Southern Cal Trojans.

That voluntary mid-season job change is really quite unusual. But changing schools has been Mosiello’s norm; except for a fairly long stint at Oklahoma and his Yankee gig, he’s made a habit of moving to another university every couple years.

While many Midwest League managers have some college coaching experience, Mosiello’s resume is unusual both for the number of schools he’s worked for and the generally high visibility of those baseball programs. Compare, for instance, Bob Herold’s career.

Bill’s moving again, by the way. This time to Auburn.

One more oddity: Not many minor league managers can claim to have been both pitching and hitting coaches. Bill’s reputation is that he’s good in both roles.

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