Dubuque: New Ballpark

Some stories just never quite quit. Posted the following on MWLguide yesterday; thought I’d put it here, too, in case someone wants to comment….

University of Dubuque graduate Joe Clapaty (class of ’68) is exploring the idea of building a ballyard in Dubuque’s port district (more or less where Petrakis Field was, it sounds like). It’s quite clear from his comments on the project that he wants the park to house an MWL team, which is generating speculation about what teams are available.

My comments: I don’t think Clapaty’s ready to commit to buying a specific team at this point, so the discussion is probably premature. No Midwest League team is obviously for sale, and most are committed to long leases. There’s not much point to buying, say, the Chiefs if the intention’s to move the team. Beloit’s the most obviously-troubled MWL franchise at the moment, but who’s to say what the situation will be in two years? What happens if, for instance, Fort Wayne’s Harrison Square project implodes? And keep in mind that Marion seems content with its Frontier League solution, despite strong rhetoric a couple years ago when their South Bend deal fell through. My usual cautions stand: There’s always someone talking about buying an MWL team. Some of those efforts are clearly serious. Nearly all fail.

I’ve (re)posted several notes I wrote about the previous Dubuque ballpark effort.