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The HTML sourcebook by Ian S. Graham: a short review

While this book is clearly obsolete at this point, when it was new it was a terrific guide to both good coding practice and the specific problems generated by the various browsers current when it was published. Well-written and thorough.

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MWL 1982 Expansion: Attendance

The Midwest League’s 1982 format may be serving as a sort of pilot program the major leagues could consider in future years, should the big leagues opt for three divisions. The Midwest is the only Class A league not playing a split season, its three four-team divisions each crowning a champion at the end of the 144-game schedule, then adding a wild-card club–the team with the best record that did not win a divisional title–for a four-game championship playoff.

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Steve Swisher

All of the available sources, including mine, believe Swisher managed New Orleans in 1997. That’s not exactly true.

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A Tree Behind Second

The Charleston [WVA] Charlies were jolted a mite when they walked into Watt Powell Park in Charleston upon returning from spring training to find a huge pine tree growing directly behind second base.

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Captain Ward

Eber Brock Ward was Michigan’s most famous and most innovative Rich Man for much of the 19th century; his best comp is certainly Henry Ford, who flourished about 75 years later. I don’t think anyone’s written a full-blown biography of Ward, but there are pieces of him all over my library.

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Dabbler Migration

That recovery could have been automated, but I chose to review the individual postings. While there’s some pain in this recovery method, it gave me the opportunity to reread everything, rework a few entries, and check the links on the recovered postings. While I don’t regret the effort, I’m pleased to have the little sub-project complete. Now I can make time for more obviously-interesting activities.

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The Wall

My office phone rang. Since it was an external call, and I didn’t recognize the number, odds were it was either a vendor or a wrong number. Nope; Lauren Morgan introduced herself as an editor with Boston Publishing, and she was working with Vietnam Veterans of America on a magazine issue. They’d found a couple of my pictures on Flickr, and wanted to use them to illustrate an article. I asked which photos they were planning to use, which she described, and I said sure. We talked about some details for a few minutes, and the conversation ended.

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The Hidden Game of Baseball, by Pete Palmer and John Thorn: a short review

All the same, the one sabermetric book everyone should read. Important stuff in here.

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Get Over It

Macalester’s Class of ’82 Reunion theme was "Get Over It." This theme implied an unasked question: Was (is) the Macalester experience worth the price? The question came up by implication in those conversations with imperfectly-remembered classmates, by reference in a presentation exploring our responses to a reunion survey, and quite explicitly twice at the Class Dinner: Our hostess (Mary Morse Marti, I think) wandered around the topic for several minutes before explicitly raising the question as something she still found difficult to answer, and Macalester’s President Brian Rosenberg told us he considers all the early-eighties classes to be problems because their members have largely detached themselves from the community. These concerns have causes.

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Last summer was Ria’s fifth Southern League season, which is a really long single-league stint for a minor league ump. Since she didn’t receive a mid-season promotion, her release from the Umpire Development Program (UDP) was pretty much inevitable. She got the word, from Mike Fitzpatrick, a week or so ago.

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