Twice today I’ve hung up the phone on volunteers from the Kerry campaign, and I expect to have more opportunities before the day ends.  I’ve caught a cold, don’t feel well, and really don’t want to talk to ’em.  But it’s set me to remembering….

I’ve done Get Out the Vote (GOTV) from nearly every side.

  • I’ve helped recruit volunteers for GOTV efforts.
  • I’ve assigned folks to do door-to-door GOTV activity.
  • I’ve written scripts for folks making GOTV phone calls.
  • I’ve supervised a GOTV phone center.
  • I’ve spent the day making those phone calls (surprisingly, this came after supervising a GOTV effort).
  • I’ve helped prioritize campaign GOTV budgets.
  • I’ve sat in polling places as a Democratic Party poll watcher.
  • I’ve staffed the phone in the party office, answering the questions of GOTV workers and poll watchers, and collecting the results from the callers as the polling places closed.

I’ve even organized the post-election party for our GOTV workers….

Fun times, mostly, but I don’t miss them.

This is democracy at work, friends.  It’s not pretty, and it’s really quite messy, but it’s part and parcel of making the nation work.  Gonna vote–for John Kerry and a bunch of other folks–in a few minutes.

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