Monthly Archives: October 2004

Heart Warming

So they sent my heart attack to a committee, decided I was probably sick, and are likely to pay my bills.  Then sent me a form letter written by a lawyer.  That’s reassuring.

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An Age of Wonders

On Sunday afternoon, Dr. Duane Berkompas, his surgical team, and a host of other players saved my life.  I was in no condition to be taking notes, or I’d list everyone by name.

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Contacting Voters

Been there.  I helped run a county-wide voter contact campaign for the Kalamazoo Democrats in 1972.  Part of the effort was coordinated by a student group whose only real interest was the presidential contest.  A quick glance at the voter survey sheets returned from the campus made it clear that only the McGovern ratings could be trusted.  Since we caught the fraud before passing the forms to other organizations, the faked forms mainly made my sister angry.  Very angry.

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