Gilmour’s Albums

iTunes just served up Handel’s Opus 4, Number 6 “Harp” (nominally organ) concerto, which leads inevitably to thoughts of Clyde Gilmour….

Southern Ontario’s across the river from Michigan, even for those who grew up on the west side of the state. For most of my life I routinely found Canadian coins in my change, and before the local NPR stations started overnight broadcasts my late-night radio was often CBC. The Handel harp concerto was one of Clyde’s theme songs, at least in the sixties when I made a point of listening to his program. One of the neat things about Clyde’s use of this theme was variation–always the same piece, but an array of recordings, each with strengths and weaknesses, all with something to appreciate. A good lesson.

Google found Gilmour’s early review of Oscar Peterson’s work. Except for the annoying (but probably obligatory in 1950) mention of Peterson’s race, it’s a good clue about why I found Gilmour’s broadcasts interesting.

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