Sales Pitch

Sunday afternoon, fifteen years or so ago….

A knock on my door.  (That was rare; the building was secured, and the right way to get in the apartment was to buzz me.)  I opened the door, found a pretty Scandihoovian teen, maybe 17, maybe 15; five foot three or so, medium-length and very thin blond hair bleached to white by the sun.

“Hi!  I’m Lynn, the rent-a-kid you ordered from Sears.”

What she wore:  Not a whole lot.  Tight white shorts, and a white shirt with yellow flowers.  The shirt was sleeveless, and secured by a couple buttons.  She was wearing a halter underneath which hid what it had to and little else.

I was speechless, so she repeated her line:

“Hi!  I’m Lynn, the rent-a-kid you ordered from Sears.”

Still speechless.  This is not a line she should be feeding a lonely forty-year-old….

“Oh, you didn’t order a rent-a-kid?”  A change of voice.  “Actually, I’m selling magazines to raise money for my school.”

Sent her on her way.

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