Joel on Microsoft redux

Everyone reads Joel on Software, right?  Evidently.  One of the delightful things about Joel’s recent Microsoft essay is the many ways those of us who’ve commented on it have chosen to characterize it.  Everyone, including me, thinks Joel’s essay is important, though we don’t quite agree about why–the reasons for disagreement are similarly all over the map.  Fascinating.

Bill Gates has a history of betting the company on the next technology generation.  One of these days he’ll lose the bet–or he’ll lose interest in the game–and MS will start looking like Ford.  Or Exxon.  Maybe AT&T.  Perhaps a (large) piece of Planetary Software, LTD.  (You think not?   Happened to Carnegie Steel….)  Dare I mention Western Union?  How about the Pennsylvania Railroad?

It’s gonna happen.  Probably in my lifetime.

But not yet.

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