Joel Spolsky, whose blog’s been far too quiet of late, returns with a long piece that’s mostly about what Microsoft is doing wrong with Longhorn.

His contention is that MS has bet the company on the wrong horse by abandoning backwards compatibility, thus effectively destablizing the Windows platform and encouraging developers to look at other tools and other environments.  Joel characterizes this as an abandonment of the Windows API.  He anticipates movement to the web as a development platform.  That might be true, but he hasn’t convinced me.  This isn’t Joel’s finest effort–it’s not as witty as his best writing, and I’m unconvinced by his conclusions.  Nonetheless, the article’s interesting, and worth your time to read.

Regardless:  Welcome back!  We’ve missed you.

Update 6/18:   I’ve rewritten the second paragraph of this note to sharpen its point.  Nonetheless, many people think Joel’s essay’s more important than I do.  If he’s right about the movement, that belief is correct.  I’m continuing to withhold judgment.

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