Refuge in Tucson

I grew up listening to jazz and classical–especially baroque–music, with a bit of pop and folk for variety. At college, I listened mostly to folkies. Then I got drafted, and learned rock and soul by the total immersion method. It was a bit of a shock.

LegsWhen I was stationed at Fort Huachuca, the post offered bus service to Tucson every weekend. I rode those busses several times. I stayed in an older hotel, and wandered around town until I had to catch the bus back to the fort. Most of my Tucson memories, frankly, are pretty vague; the object was more to get off the post than to see the sights. I do recall spending a lot of time on the University of Arizona campus, and spent enough money on clothes that I remember doing so. At least once I took along a camera, though I seem to have taken only one photograph. I’ve still got, and still use, a clipboard I purchased in the UA bookstore; it’s unusually well designed, and now carries a lifetime’s memories. A different story, though; perhaps I’ll tell it another day.

There was a bookstore/candle shop/concert space just off the campus. The place doubled as a coffeehouse (only on weekends, I think), and the house band was a folky quartet–a girl singer, her husband on guitar and harmony, a bassist (I think), and a drummer. It was the first time I’d found a drummer in a folk group, and the first time I’d ever seen a girl play a conventional drum kit. The group’s repertoire was pretty standard for a coffeehouse band, except they had an unaccountable affection for Tim Buckley. For me, the attraction (besides the drummer) was the opportunity to hear “my” music.

The bookstore’s name may have been Back Pocket, but I’d not stake money on that recollection. The drummer was a pretty & tanned & lanky person who answered to Twink St. Ledger, at least in my memory. Doubtless someone with better memories will stop by this journal some day, and set things straight; I’ll post an update at that time.

This recollection was triggered because iTunes found Buckley’s Buzzin’ Fly a few minutes ago.

Heard from Twink on September 19, 2011: She says I’ve got things essentially right.

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