Someday Soon

My “play a randomly-selected selection you haven’t played yet” playlist has just popped up Ian Tyson’s Someday Soon, the best song on an album I’ve purchased several times.  A short story….

I used the cash I received on my twentieth birthday to buy a book–Woody Guthrie’s Bound for Glory, as it happens–and the then-new Judy Collins album, Who Knows Where the Time Goes.  A few months later I was drafted; bought a second copy of Who Knows in California, then another in Nam.  I’ve also owned copies on other media:  Reel-to-reel tape, cassette, and (of course) compact disk.  That CD now has a twin in iTunes–thus today’s rendition.  Neat.

I’ve nearly as many copies of Bitches Brew, for similar reasons.  Except I don’t play that album nearly as often.  All this probably says something about my relationship with RIAA, or Elektra Records (Collins), or Columbia (Davis).  Or something.  Not sure what, though.

1313 unheard “songs” in iTunes, by the way.  Spending more time in meetings, and less at my desk.

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