Battle Creek Futures

“Attendance increased in the first two years of our ownership, and our goal is to increase it this year, though people say we’re crazy,” Sailor said. “But it’s always been tough in Battle Creek, and it’s going to continue to be tough unless a local buyer makes a huge commitment to this franchise.
Scott Sailor
BC Yankees Special Projects Director

quoted by Will Lingo in Baseball America

An interesting quotation, with an implication that Riverside Baseball’s looking to sell the team. I fully agree with Scott’s implied point. The problem’s not the Battle Creek audience; it’s that out of town ownership groups have proven not to be trustworthy. In the past eight years the team’s been sold three times (one fell through), and the owners have arranged/agreed to move the team twice (both fell through). Making an emotional investment in this franchise is foolhardy, except for the hardest core of fandom.

By the way: Marion, Illinois, sort of expects to be the next home town for this franchise. We’ll see.

Update 5/18/2004: So does Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Linkage notes: The Baseball America link requires a subscription. The Marion and Bowling Green links have vanished. My apologies….

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