Age 39: We were young(er) once

From May 5, 1985 through March 3, 1988, my job title was Leadworker (it’s an assistant supervisor position, without enough authority) in what was then called Data Input.  I mention this because the successor unit to Data Input was honored by the department yesterday, and because Joan is the current incumbent in that Leadworker position.

I went to the awards ceremony, of course, and lunched with the crew for the first time in several years.  Despite major reorganizations, major changes in laws and processes, and a decade and a half of history, the staff remains pretty much the same as “my” staff, so it was dinner with old friends.  When we were young, we partied together, but we’ve all grown families, or stodgy, or something.  ‘Twas fun.

I’m real proud of ’em.

A 1988 photo, here; clicking through on the picture is worthwhile. I’d have included a 2004 pic but the Olympus had gone sick.

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