Heavy Weather

What do I need to operate the WEATHER REVIEW?

  1. Wireless Weather Station
  2. PC with operating system of Windows 98 or above
  3. Minimum browser requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or above
  4. Heavy Weather Version 2.0 Beta Release
    must be installed for the WEATHER REVIEW to work. It will not work with the Heavy Weather Software (version 2.10) that was provided on the CD-ROM with the unit.

HeavyWeather.info (emphasis color in the original code)

As I predicted, we hooked Joan’s new weather station to the PC this afternoon and gave Joan a chance to play with the software.  I still like the system–and I still think its design needs a lot of work.  For instance:

  1. The software loader locked up on us, apparently after successfully loading the software.  I expect this is because I reset the directory when the loader gave me the opportunity, but I really don’t care why.  (C:\Program Files\heavyweather\ should not be a problem choice, and it’s better than dumping everything at Root.)
  2. We loaded version 2.10 (which came with the machine) before reading the commentary quoted above (from their website).  Evidently that was a mistake.  This is silly.
  3. The so-called “wireless” station wants to permanently tie up my only serial port.  I use that port.  We’ll be connecting and disconnecting the weather station on a regular basis so I can continue to use other equipment.  (I know: I could buy a serial card.  I might.)
  4. Because the machine wants to be tethered to my PC, it wants to live in my office.  That’s really not where we want it to live.

Despite these complaints, the system does make a nice summary screen.

We’ll keep playing….

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