Summer Concert

Today’s mail brought a brochure from Frederik Meijer Gardens advertising their 2004 Summer Concert Series.

While the music’s very much to my taste, the prices are a little steep; at these rates, I can’t imagine taking in more than one or two concerts.  And I’ll be out of town for Leo Kottke’s appearance, which would be my first choice.

Amazing what you can find on the web:

Macalester College had a student-run coffee house, No Exit, which lived behind the college grill in the Student Union’s basement in the late ’60s. It was a cozy, black-painted place with good entertainment, good sound, and decent food.  Leo, who struck me as a young white man impersonating an old drunken blues singer, played there regularly when I was a freshman and a sophomore.  (The music redeemed the act.)  I was almost certainly there the night these recordings were made by No Exit’s soundman, Alan Peterman.

A few days later I dropped out, which led pretty directly to my army career.

Addition, 11/1/07: Nosing around Peterman’s site, I find he’s also posted a couple complete Dean Carr performances at No Exit (and others, from other Twin Cities places). I expect I heard the No Exit performances live. Worth a listen….

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