Ground Rules

Two events from last night’s Fort Wayne/Battle Creek game involved the ground rules at C.O. Brown Stadium.  Both generated some controversy.

Regarding Bryce Kartler’s fifth-inning double (triple?) which eventually resulted in  Mitch Seoane’s ejection, here’s the relevant rule:

6. Bullpen benches:  If ball is on, under or lodged within, it is dead.  If a player digs for the ball, it remains live.  The defense must signal to the umpire or ball is live.

I’m really not sure whether the umpires got the play right, but the bit about defense signalling seems a little odd.  Mitch got a little excited.

Regarding Erold Andrus’ home run which ended the game:

8.  Right and left field:  The second fence and scoreboard are recessed.

Yeah?  So?  That’s a rule?

Source:  2003 Midwest League Media Guide and Record Book