The Wonderful Sea Voyage

Alison Brown, who runs Compass Records but was once best known as the banjo player accompanying a young Alison Krauss, has been one of my favorite musicians for years.  I heard her quartet at the Creole Gallery a few weeks ago, and fell heavily for The Wonderful Sea Voyage (of Holy St. Brendan)–a delightful and enchanting composition.  Now that I’m getting comfortable with the Mac, Saint Brendan follows me to work and I listen regularly.

Alison’s musical space is an odd one–somewhere between New Age and Bluegrass, with a Jazz inflection and a nod to R&B.  Interesting, impressive, and often delightful stuff, but in a place that’s likely to stress your musical prejudices….

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  1. Nick cliffe says:

    I agree.. this track is wonderful. Currently learning the Banjo and have just discovered Alison Brown!

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