Meantime: the call center

I haven’t mentioned the call center projects lately….

The Upgrade

The powers that be have evidently decided to hire a contractor to install the system upgrade. That’s a good move for the project, but it’s sort of marginalized my involvement. As things develop, that’s likely to change. Looks like we’re talking about a January kick-off.

There’s still some chance this will fall through.  We need to see their proposal before we commit.

Building a Better Call Center

Tomorrow our call center consultant’s making his recommendation to senior management. It will be an interesting session; his charge is to give a big-picture, high-level plan for rebuilding our support systems. What we’ve got at this point is less a plan than a notion that change is necessary, and that upgrading the CRM package is crucial to that effort. If we can find a way to focus the notion, this has a good chance to work. I’m hoping for the best; the consultant’s an old friend and a bright guy.

Management’s committed to the concept. Tomorrow’s about beginning to build on that commitment. Should be an interesting session; we’re expecting a packed room.

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