Progress: slow changes

Up to a point, I enjoy working on the mechanics of this site.  I’m about at the limit, methinks.

Spent more of the day than I’d intended reworking the site’s index pages; first I had to figure out how to code the changes, then there was a lot of manual labor involved in implementing those changes.  Most of the time was spent moving files.

The routine was:

  • change a set of files,
  • upload the files,
  • test the changes.

Even when it worked well, it was pretty slow.  Sometimes it didn’t work well.

I do like the improved listings, though; this is where I was planning to (eventually) get. I had three objects for the day, and think I came close: Simplify (partially automate, actually) site maintenance for the webmaster, shorten the index pages, and sacrifice as few links as possible. Further slight changes are likely; I am still experimenting. The tricks I’ve learned today will help me cross-reference related pages in the near future, which is clearly desirable.

I also moved a few files, and changed the name of the picture book to the time traveler [9/5/04: now PictureShow!]. I trust no one was terribly inconvenienced, and my apologies for any confusions.

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