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Design Tweaks

CSS is a mystery. It’s like the bad old days, when each browser–and each version of Netscape–had quirks you needed to accommodate so folks could actually read your website. I’m trying to find a way to build this site so it looks passable in at least the most common browsers. At least for me, that means doing things by trial and error, then testing in two versions of Opera, two versions of Netscape, two versions of IE, two versions of Firebird. Such fun. I thought we were past this.

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Veterans Day

Like most vets, I consider November 11 to be uniquely my holiday.  Blessings to all….

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Railroad: soundings

Always the same short song, but so many ways to carry the tune.

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Bugs: some testing notes

Where I work, testing sometimes leads to debates about law and policy. Except for that little thing, Joe’s got the story nailed down tight. Only it ain’t tight at all. It’s chaos.

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Lamo: Doing Research

What struck me about these comments is that Lamo’s research methods are much like mine–a combination of intention and accident, knowledge and inspiration. He sees something, it reminds him of something else. He sees another thing, and looks for something related. Suddenly the pieces fall together….

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Move: completed

This certainly wasn’t how I intended to spend the weekend. Stuff happened.

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