Lugnuts Notes: Series at South Bend Silver Hawks

July 3 to July 4

  • Lugnuts 2 games, Hawks 0 games
  • Lugnuts are 8-6 (.571)
  • Tied with the Whitecaps for first place, one game ahead of Michigan and Fort Wayne
  • Thorn threw a complete game on Tuesday
  • Tim Grieve’s been reassigned to Wilmington

Tuesday’s was the fourth consecutive excellent game; Wednesday, while less than perfect, was an easy win. Thorn’s CG was 99 pitches, according to pitch chart (I sat behind the gun again).

Turns out Grieve was in Lansing on a rehab assignment. Nothing against that, but I always imagined the first Lugnut to get a promotion would be someone I’ve seen enough to appreciate. Oh, well; player development counts more than my expectations.

Additional note on Grieve: Tim’s brother, Ben, is a highly-regarded prospect in the Oakland organization; he played the first half of last season for the Whitecaps. Their father Tom was once a major leaguer and is the former GM of the Texas Rangers.

Cepeda hit a home run in South Bend, his first as a professional. The crowd didn’t properly appreciate it, of course, but the Lugnut players were delighted, and astonished. He’s been hitting really well since mid-season.

Spokane Indians Roster

Just some sketchy information. I’ll do the same with GCL team soon.

Coaching Staff

Manager: Bob Herold
Coaches: Jeff Garber & Buster Keeton


Alonzo Aguilar      1995 draft; East Los Angeles JC; 1995 GCL Royals
Brandon Baird (LH)  1996 draft; Wichita State
Jamie Burton (LH)   1995 GCL Royals
Enrique Calero      1996 draft; St Thomas
Jake Chapman (LH)   1996 draft; St Joseph's
Steve Huesten       1996 draft (round 10); California State
  (I've got references to this player with his name spelled three ways....)
Aaron Lineweaver    1996 draft; Dallas Baptist
Scott Mullen (LH)   1996 draft (round 7); Dallas Baptist
Taylor Myers        1996 draft (round 2); Green Valley HS (Henderson, NV)
Donald Quigley      1996 draft; Sonoma State
Allen Sanders       1995 draft (round 7); Lee (TX) JC; 1995 GCL Royals; 1995 Spokane
Craig Sanders       1995 draft; University of Nebraska; 1995 Spokane; 1996 Lansing
Jason Simontacchi   1996 draft; Albertsons College
Ethan Stein         1996 draft; North Carolina
Modesto Villarreal  1995 Spokane; 1996 Lansing


Roman Escamilla     1996 draft; Texas
Juan Robles         1995 GCL Royals; 1995 Spokane; 1996 Lansing


First Base
Jason Layne (LH)    
Kit Pellow          1996 draft; Arkansas
Second Base
Kenderick Moore     
Third Base
Courtney Arrollado  
Kris Didion         1996 draft; Riverside CA
Eric Sees           1996 draft; Stanford
Brett Taft          1996 draft; Alabama


Carlos Beltran (SH) 1995 draft (round 2); Arroyo PR; 1995 GCL Royals; 1996 Lansing
Brandon Berger      1996 draft; Eastern Kentucky
Jeremy Giambi (LH)  1996 draft (round 6); California State
Scott Harp          1996 draft; Dallas Baptist
Rick Pitts (SH)     1995 GCL Royals; 1996 Lansing

Designated Hitters

Doug Blosser (LH)   1995 draft (round 3); Sarasota FL; 1995 GCL Royals; 1996 Lansing
Tony Miranda        1995 draft; Cal State Fullerton; 1995 Spokane