Lugnuts Notes: Series at home against Burlington Bees

June 29 to July 2

  • Bees 3 games, Lugnuts 1 game
  • Lugnuts are 6-6 (.500)
  • Tied for second place, one game out; division standings are Whitecaps at 7-5 (.583) and everyone else at 6-6.
  • Juan Rocha’s the Lugnuts Player of the Month for June

Saturday was awful; the Bees didn’t deserve a win but our guys didn’t want one. Then three terrific games, but only one win to show for the effort. [Carlos] Paredes looked very good on Tuesday, and [Jeff] Wallace looked unhittable on Sunday. But then we went to the relief staff, with the usual results.

Blaine Mull’s still our best pitcher, and among the best in the league. Since he’s still here, perhaps they intend to leave him.

Rocha deserves the prize. He’s having a splendid season.

Someone asks why the Royals sent [Doug] Blosser and [Carlos] Beltran down as they recovered from injuries, but [Brett] Schafer stays (and plays). This move isn’t as silly as it looks: Lansing needs a fifth outfielder, and that outfielder’s not going to be Beltran. Schafer’s as good a choice as any of the new signees, so he stays.

Since the Royals have Beltran and Blosser pegged as potential big-league stars, they want them someplace they’ll play every day. They don’t think of Schafer that way, so every day isn’t a concern. Filling the Lugnut roster is a concern; he stays. (As always: I’m guessing. But this isn’t a difficult situation to decipher.)