Lugnuts Notes: Series at Fort Wayne Wizards

June 11 thru 14

  • Lugnuts 2 games, Wizards 2 games
  • Lugnuts are 29-39 (.426)
  • Fifth (last) place, ten behind the Whitecaps and one behind the Battle Cats.
  • The Nuts and the Caps have each played 35 home games. Attendance:
    • Whitecaps: 242,203 (avg 6,920)
    • Lugnuts: 242,196 (avg 6,920)

Yes! That’s better; real baseball, well-played. Three good games and one great game; unfortunately, we lost the pitcher’s duel. But it was wonderful, and [Kevin] Hodges deserved to win. So did the team.

[Carlos] Febles has been hot. [Juan] Rocha’s been hotter. [Mark] Quinn’s been hot when he’s been healthy.

Rumor is that [Carlos] Beltran will be assigned to Spokane when he gets healthy. That makes sense, under the circumstances; which outfielder would you bench in order to get him in the lineup? KC would likely bench Rocha, and that would be silly.

The rosters for the Spokane and GCL clubs are being settled this weekend; both teams will begin league competition early next week. Those guys are Lansing’s immediate future; I’ll give you a rundown in a few days and keep my eyes on the stats. Both teams will likely consist mainly of recent draftees, with a sprinkling of folks who played on one team or the other last summer.