Lugnuts Notes: Home and Away series against Michigan Battle Cats

May 27 thru 31

  • Battle Cats 3 games, Lugnuts 2 games
  • Lugnuts are 25-29 (.463)
  • Third place, five games behind the Whitecaps, three behind the Battle Cats, in a virtual tie with the Wizards.

I think we can write off the half-season title; frankly, they look like they’ve lost interest. These games weren’t really horrible, but the team’s not playing anywhere near its potential. They’re stale. They come to the park and play the games, but there’s no fire there.

There are some bright spots: [Gary] Coffee’s getting some hits, and his defense has been terrific (ignore the stats; the errors were nearly all in April). [Mark] Quinn was hitting well all month, though his defense has weakened a bit. [Carlos] Febles has played excellent defense (he looks a little wacky, though) and has been getting on base a couple times per game. [Mark] Melito’s not exciting, but he’s steady.

There’s so much potential on this team. But it’s not being delivered well.

I watched Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s games in Battle Creek. Tuesday’s had one lousy inning, but [Larry] Wimberly was throwing really effective junk at the guys. ([Doug] Blosser, [Scott] Key, and [Mike] Robbins sat two rows in front of me, with the radar gun; it was interesting.) On Wednesday, [Mike] Spinelli wasn’t throwing junk at them and was really quite excellent.

C.O. Brown [Stadium]’s a short trip from Lansing, and good seats are nearly always available. I highly recommend the excursion.

The garden survived the freeze. We managed to get a lot weeded and planted over the weekend despite excursions to Saint Johns and South Bend. One blossom on the azalea….