Lugnuts Notes: Home and Away series against West Michigan Whitecaps

May 25 and 26

  • Whitecaps 2 games, Lugnuts 0 games
  • Lugnuts are 23-26 (.469)
  • Third place, 5.5 games behind the Whitecaps, two behind the Battle Cats, and one ahead of the Wizards.

Saturday’s game looks like it was all right, but Sunday’s was a sorry affair. The Whitecaps played a poor game, but the Lugnuts let ’em win it anyway. WOOD Radio’s broadcast (1300 AM) of the game was on tape delay, so I got to hear the worst part of the game again from Whitecaps announcer Rick Berkey while I drove home. Can’t say I liked it any better the second time, but I like listening to Berkey.

The Journal says the Royals intend to fill the vacancy created by Blosser’s injury with a draftee. Perhaps they’ll find us some pitching, too.

The team’s reported attendance through Sunday is 171,263. That’s about what the Battle Cats [Battle Creek’s Midwest League team] drew for all of last season; their attendance was eighth (of fourteen) in the league. Obviously the teams have differing opinions about the importance of these things….

Here’s the best team attendance for each full-season minor league, through Memorial Day’s games:

American Association         Buffalo          193,437
International League         Richmond         165,040
Pacific Coast League         Salt Lake City   194,684

Eastern League               Trenton          135,101
Southern League              Birmingham       102,193
Texas League                 San Antonio      133,131

California League            Rancho Cucamonga 149,040
Carolina League              Durham           107,141
Florida State League         Brevard County    51,614
Midwest League               West Michigan    171,738
South Atlantic League        Delmarva          90,353

Obviously there is demand for minor league baseball in Michigan.

Lansing’s ticket sales, to date, have topped 450,000. I’m impressed; I think you can call this experiment a success.

A couple interesting things:

Dean Travel is offering a tour to see the Lugnuts visit the Rockford Cubbies on July 20. Call the team at 485-4500 for more information.

Manuel Delgado tells me he is selling photographs taken from above Oldsmobile Park on opening day (night). I haven’t seen them and offer this mention without comment or endorsement. Contact him for information at [link removed].