Lugnuts Notes: Road Series Against Burlington Bees

April 9 thru 12

  • Bees 3 games, Lugnuts 1
  • Lugnuts are 4-4 (.500)

Two extra-inning losses made for a bad road trip. Circumstances at work made it difficult for me to track the series closely.

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  1. joel says:

    And you thought the last entry was perfunctory. Things will improve; I was new at this blog thing.

    I’d hate to have you think this was all I was writing for the LugNotes website. One of the site’s features was series previews–I tried to have portraits of the current opponent and the next opponent up on the site at all times. By April 12 I’d written previews of the Rockford Cubbies (posted on April 4), the Burlington Bees (April 5), and the West Michigan Whitecaps (April 9). I’d have the Cedar Rapids Kernels preview up on the next day….

    (It’s quite possible I was doing my taxes one of these evenings, too. Real life doesn’t go away.)

    Unfortunately, I didn’t preserve the early scouting reports; instead, I rewrote each preview before the teams met the Lugnuts again, and destroyed the previous versions in the process. I did this again and again for the MWL’s Eastern Division teams, who were recurring opponents; teams in the other divisions mostly got two preview versions.

    I do have the previews written before each team’s last series against Lansing. You’ll see those versions on the anniversary of the date each was posted.

    In the event you’ve just stumbled onto this entry, here’s an explanation of what I’m up to.

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