Lugnuts Notes: Series at home against Rockford Cubbies

April 5 thru 8

  • Lugnuts 3 games, Cubbies 1

Still winter in Lansing; game temperatures never got higher than 45 degrees. I’m still trying to tie together names and numbers and positions and faces, so assessing the team is really quite premature. [Mark] Quinn had a terrific day on Monday, though; 2 hits (one a homer) and a great throw that cut down a baserunner at home plate. That should please my readers at Rice University; so should the Pat Hallmark fan club already forming on the outfield lawn.

Baseball’s here; can spring be far behind?

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  1. joel says:

    Properly speaking, this is the first weblog entry I ever wrote. It’s a bit brief….

    If I had it to do over, I’d have riffed on the “still trying to tie together names and numbers” theme. The lack of year-to-year continuity at this level of baseball is a curse for the fans and the franchises, and every year my primary early-season task is figuring out who’s out there. I already knew this; I should have explained it.

    That Rice University mention deserves some comment. The LugNotes website didn’t have any provisions for comments, but did show my email address. And I was already getting daily mails at this point. Not just from Houston, but from around the country. The website was getting about 25 views per day in early April, but already folks in many places had noticed it.

    I likely won’t mention daily views again, because I don’t have the data in any detail. By the years’ end I was getting about 75 daily hits on the front page, which seemed like a lot at the time.

    In the event you’ve just stumbled onto this entry, here’s an explanation of what I’m up to.

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