On This Date: Photo taken 8/12/2008

Since we pass by Hartwick Pines State Park most times we head north, in 2008 we decided to make it our August destination.

The park’s famous for its tall pines, one last stand saved from the loggers by the daughter of a logger to honor her late husband. When I was a kid the stand featured The Monarch, Michigan’s tallest tree. The Monarch’s died, but the remaining trees are still impressive.

The park could just as well be famous for its stump fields, a different testimony to Michigan’s natural resources.

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On This Date: Photo taken 8/11/2016

One thing that happens at campgrounds is people walk their dogs. Big dogs and little, pretty and not-so-pretty dogs, obvious mongrels and apparent pure-breds. A year ago I grabbed my camera, set it to monochrome, and started capturing the parade. I called the set “The Dogs of Harrisville.”

Technically this dog wasn’t being walked, but lived in the campsite across the way and was also watching the parade.

Campgrounds differ. Last week at Cheboygan I’d have been making images of the folks walking the dogs–or just walking, dog or no dog. At Twin Lakes in 2005 I’d have photographed children on bicycles.

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Sturgeon Point Light

Sturgeon Point Light

On This Date: Photo taken 8/9/2016

On Lake Huron, a few miles north of Harrisville, Michigan. Or a rather more miles south of Alpena.

Joan’s taking a photograph of this boat.

We visit and vacation on Lake Huron all the time. But both Cheboygan and Saint Ignace are on the Straits, and Port Huron’s actually south of the Lake–that leaves a lot of Michigan’s sunrise coast we’d never seen. So last year we decided to try somewhere between.

I’d done a bit of scouting in October of 2015, so we reserved a campsite at Harrisville State Park.

Had a fine time. We might well do this again.

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Richard’s pix were of a pretty butterfly.



On This Date: Photo taken 8/8/2006

Grand Portage National Monument, in northern Minnesota, on Lake Superior near the Canadian border. Grand Portage was the frontier headquarters for the North West Company, trading goods for furs.

The national monument’s a reconstructed fort/trading post, not unlike Michilimackinac at Mackinaw City in Michigan. The buildings and displays–not to mention the scenery–are worth the trip, though it’s kind of out of the way unless you’re already north of Duluth.

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On This Date: Photo taken 8/6/2012

I’m thinkin’ I couldn’t do this project without including another photo of the McCargar barn.

They tore this barn down a couple years back, and shipped the lumber off to whereever you ship old lumber. The reason they tore it down is probably self-evident.

I miss it.

I’ve discussed this barn before.

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Keeping Score

Keeping Score

On This Date: Photo taken 8/5/2005

Some people can’t watch a ballgame without a scorecard.

My brother and I were at Toronto’s Skydome (yeah, I know: Rogers Centre) with a few hundred other members of the Society for American Baseball Research. We were there for SABR’s convention, where we attended workshops and meetings, socialized, watched this ballgame, and had an all-around good time.

Not sure whose scorecard this was, but I kept score, too. I generally do. I’m quite capable of shooting hundreds of photographs and scoring a ballgame…..

So many choices for today’s photo!

A Milwaukee Harbor tour. The SABR convention mentioned above, and a walking tour of downtown Toronto. Mine and power plant tours in Minnesota, with locomotives. Flowers (lots of flowers, in bright colors). Michillimackinac, and Mackinac Point lighthouse, and The Bridge. Finches at feeders. A couple ballgames. Foggy landscapes. And two years’ bluegrass festivals at Milan.

A wealth of photographs. And I stick you with a stupid scorecard.

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Leigh Gibson

Leigh Gibson

On This Date: Photo taken 8/4/2016

Leigh and his brother Eric are the Gibson Brothers, and their band may be the best act in bluegrass music.

Last year on August 4 the Milan Bluegrass Festival featured two bands which might be the best. The other was Blue Highway.

Some day I need to see Balsam Range….

I’ve a slew of 8/4/2016 photographs I considered sharing, but they’d get lost in the new festival pix I’m posting today. I’ll settle for this one.

While I’ve been attending the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival for decades, last week’s Milan festival was my fifth. It had always seemed too far away–until 2013, when it looked like the Charlotte festival wouldn’t happen.

Enjoyed that excursion enough that I’ve kept going.

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