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I worked in politics for about a decade. I’ve opinions, and occasionally express them, but these entries are more about process than policy.

Unintended Consequences

In short, all the failings attributed to government happen in private enterprises too. These failings are a fixture of human nature and organizational dynamics.

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Republican Primary

The national gerrymander habit must die.  The practice of routinely creating one-party election districts undermines political discourse, and subverts republican government.  One party elections encourage extremism, and create a climate where debate, discussion, and compromise are impossible–on many issues, the practice permits folks to honestly believe that reaching a compromise is indecent.  Few politicians, and few citizens, are naturally extremist, but we’ve created a system which encourages an extremist culture.  Party advantage is not a healthy basis for defining political boundaries, and ideology needs to be tempered by honest discussion.  We ought to do better than this.  We must do better than this.

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Smoke and Mirrors

American government is designed to accomodate disagreement, though the tension often makes folks uncomfortable.  What we need, sometime soon, is a civil discussion about what Michigan’s government is for, how we get to that point, and what tax structure we need to support that effort.  The (less-than-complete) success of the Michigan budget efforts demonstrates that it’s not necessary to continue talking past each other just because we’ve been doing so in the past.  Discussion isn’t helped when each side caricatures the other’s positions.   The habit many have of simplifying and dismissing the other party’s position is really poisonous to the civil culture.  It’s time we stopped, and started finding solutions.

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Bob Teeter

A short note to honor the passing of a pioneer.

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Iowa: shades of Eugene

Johnson won the day, McCarthy won the campaign, Humphrey won the nomination, and Nixon won the election. The year changed my life–mostly for the good.

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