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I’m an amateur photographer, but I’m a fairly serious amateur. Expect photographs here, and comments on equipment.

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This photograph’s the December image for the calendar I made for friends and family members this year, so they’ll find it familiar. Except my printer added a whole bunch of orange to the mix.


Ten years ago today my Nikon D300 arrived. I shot the traditional photos of Joan and Taffy–Oreo, too. I got some (lousy) pictures of the Christmas tree ornaments. Then I wandered around the house taking images of things on shelves and walls.

Taffy in the Window #1

This, folks, is the first photograph I ever took with a digital camera. It’s a bit over-exposed, but my first photos are rarely this good….


My notes had the location wrong on this photo, something I recognized immediately last night when I was sorting through my 11/27 pix. So this morning’s first task was finding this farmyard.

It’s Always About Light and Shadow

I’ve posted this photo before. This version’s a bit more vivid.


Under that image I said: “We got our first snow a year ago. Even a bored photographer should be able to make something of new snow.” Still true….


The park’s mostly a rather steep wilderness on the side of the gorge, but its most famous feature is Glade Creek Mill. This is that mill, as the sign testifies, but it’s none of the usual pictures.I’ve taken those photographs, too, but….


A decade ago I spent the noon hour wandering around our yard, playing focus and depth of field games with various lenses. Many of the day’s 116 images are quite odd; some are rather striking.

Roxand Center Schoolhouse

While I’ve taken a handful of pix in other years, the bulk of the January 24 pix date from the 2012 daily photo project. I was clearly bored; I tried a little bit of everything. There’s a pic taken at my dentist’s. Another couple came from where I ate breakfast, and I caught some more on my way home. Then I took random images around the house. There’s even a rubber ducky photo. And a cat, of course. Eventually I posted one of ’em–of a bird feeder, which I actually like.

The Nature of Photographs by Stephen Shore: a short review

This is an excellent, very short, illustrated essay about how photographers see things, what defines what they see, and why it all works. Just what I was looking for.

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