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Borgess Hospital

When I was young I lived two blocks from Borgess Hospital. This building’s inhabited my memories as long as I’ve had memories.

St Matthew’s, Fernando

Since we were already in Minnesota for my class reunion, we visited my sister. Debbie, a Lutheran pastor, was serving churches at Winthrop and Fernando.

The Barn and the Picnic Table

I took photographs, and pretended to help with the asparagus.

John O’Donnell Stadium

While my sister was in seminary we regularly visited Iowa–to help her move, usually, but a couple times just to visit. In 2003 we followed the Mississippi down to Davenport and watched a ballgame.

Debbie’s Graduation

Also on this date, in 2006: My sister, Debra Jean, graduated from Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque.


‘Twas a fine Mother’s Day outing.

The Vine on the Granary

We’d go to the farm and I’d take pix of the granary. It was pretty much an irresistible photo subject. I miss it.

Massey Ferguson

Two years ago we dropped in at the farm to help celebrate David’s birthday, a couple days late. Dave had gotten his father’s old tractor to run a few days before, so that was the main topic of discussion.


Joan’s brother David’s chickens, to be precise.

Paul, Reading the Menu

Fourteen years back? Really? Hardly seems that long.

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