Paul, Reading the Menu

Paul, Reading the Menu

On This Date: Photo taken 3/6/2003.

On March 6 in 2003, Joan and her family took their Mom and Dad to dinner at Claddagh’s in honor of their golden anniversary. Everyone showed up. A good time was had by all.

Fourteen years back? Really? Hardly seems that long.

Number of pix taken on various March 6ths: 135
Year of oldest photo: 2003

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 2
  • 2 Stars: 23
  • 3 Stars: 74
  • 4 Stars: 33
  • 5 Stars: 3

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Joan, Feeding Birds

Joan, Feeding Birds

On This Date: Photo taken 2/4/2012.

Here’s another photo I’ve posted before, but today’s version’s processed very differently.

This is one of my favorite photographs of Joan. The previous version was published on Valentine’s day in 2012.

I mentioned in the February 3 comments that I hadn’t yet figured out the Droid Bionic. Well, I took about 50 photos with it on the 4th, tinkering with settings and software and features, in an effort to better understand the phone’s camera. By day’s end I was getting consistently acceptable photographs.

Number of pix taken on various February 4ths: 137 (half were of a hawk that visited us in 2013)
Year of oldest photo: 2007

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 9 [failed Droid experiments, mostly]
  • 2 Stars: 19
  • 3 Stars: 92
  • 4 Stars: 16
  • 5 Stars: 1

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The Granary’s Wall

The Granary's Wall

On This Date: Photo taken 1/7/2012.

Joan grew up on a farm. Five years ago we dropped in on her mom because we’d given her a camera for Christmas and wanted to introduce her to it.

Joan also had a new camera, and this was her first opportunity to just wander around taking photographs. We headed back to the creek, then came up by the house Joan’s sister’s built on the property.

Along the way I shot a few pix with my pocket camera. The old granary was on its last legs, and Joan’s brother would soon knock it down and reuse the wood for a chicken coop.

I took photographs every day in 2012, which is one of the reasons I know this project is feasible. We can therefore safely anticipate that most of the “oldest photo” dates will fall between 2002, when I first bought a digital camera, and 2012.

Since I can confidently date some of the older photographs–some because they’re tied to an event, others because the image has a date attached by note or other method–there will be pre-2002 entrants. We’ll see how things sort out.

Number of pix taken on various January 7ths: 254
Year of oldest photo: 2012

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 5
  • 2 Stars: 34
  • 3 Stars: 135
  • 4 Stars: 68
  • 5 Stars: 12

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Mom’s Transforming Desk

Mom & Dad had this neat desk. I’m not sure how they acquired it–probably a wedding present–but it’s been part of our lives for as long as any of us “kids” remember. At heart it’s a small executive desk, but it’s unusually well-made and has one unexpected feature–it folds out to become a dining room table. For my entire life it was the fanciest piece of furniture my parents owned.

It’s also nearly six decades old. A piece of furniture gets pretty battered if you use it every day for 57 years. Even if it cost a fortune, and even if it’s made of oak.

Mom passed away a couple years ago, and basically left everything to everyone. The desk was one of the easy pieces to settle: Debbie wanted to preserve it, while Richard and I had/have no interest in it whatever. We both recognize the quality, but it won’t fit well in our offices, it needs to be refinished, and the emotional connection’s pretty weak. Debbie’s office needs are different (she’s a preacher-in-training), and she’s clearly more attached to the desk than we are. That’s fine.

All this came up last weekend as Joan and I were helping Debbie move. Debbie still can’t believe I don’t want the desk….

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Not so long ago, folks whose political involvement was driven by faith tended to support liberal causes–equal rights, school integration, and ending the Vietnam war.  Dad fit that profile.  Those issues took over his life for a few years in the late sixties and early seventies and he was heavily involved in a non-partisan local political group called Action Now.  Definitely a different time.

Dad passed away fourteen years ago today….

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You Gotta Believe

Last spring Mom spent two nights in the hospital, then three weeks in a nursing home before we took her home for what would prove to be the last time.  The day after we moved her home, the nurse from the hospice called to inquire whether Mom understood how sick she was; her caretakers were convinced she wasn’t showing the proper gravity or something.  I assured Marilyn that Mom was well aware of her prognosis.  Mom, an occasionally witty but never particularly cheerful person, was quite certain that she’d not survive if she let the illness defeat her spirit; she was, by insisting on relentless optimism, fighting on, even in her last days.

Cancer got Tug McGraw yesterday.  Mom, who admired Tugger as a pitcher, would have mourned with me.

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