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Sarah Reading Her Cards

Not sure why, but odd lighting is pretty common in my 12/26 set, regardless of where we hold Sarah’s party. I’m frankly amazed that this photo worked.


My November 24 photographs mostly document Thanksgiving parties or rainy days–two of each. Predominantly, though, the pix are of the parties.

Kris & Jackie

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The Farm

Things change. Edna’d build her house in another corner of the farm within a year, and the family’d stop leasing the field to neighboring farmers a few years later. Dave’s blind now views a tall grass prairie.

The Granary

This makes the fourth appearance of this now-vanished building in my On This Date project. I probably miss it, though the henhouse Dave built in its place also makes a pretty good photo subject.


Joan’s brother, at a reception given by their parents’ church to honor their father.


After Dad passed away, Mom established a routine of renting a cottage at Jolli-Lodge, where they’d often vacationed. Mom would schedule this vacation for the week before Labor Day, and she’d invite us “kids” up for the holiday. We’d sight-see, do a bit of shopping, and celebrate Debbie’s birthday at Leland’s Bluebird. But mostly we’d relax, perhaps walk the beach, and watch Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands.

Lutheran Church of the Savior

Taken on the day my sister was ordained as a Lutheran pastor. I got some good pics of Debbie, many poor photos of the ceremony, and some excellent images of the church’s grounds. I like this one best.

Field of Dreams

I first read Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe when it was new, and it was magical. The movie based on the book is differently magical. Both are among my favorites.

Three Lakes

A homeowner on the easternmost lake used to rent rowboats and sell bait. Dad and I would catch bluegills and sunfish, and an occasional perch….

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