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Bridge Street Bridge, Portland, Michigan

So ignore the modern cars and the 1990 footings. Pretend it’s 1905 and travel back in time.

Ice Storm

Things look bizarre–and beautiful–when everything’s coated with ice.

Ice on the Pine

We spent the next three nights in a hotel.

Wet & Chilly

“I’d spent the night in Kalamazoo, and the day’s 366 Snaps shots documented my drive home. The weather was abysmal, and the photographs show villages in the rain.”


Eaton Highway, just east of Mulliken, Michigan.

Taffy in the Window #1

This, folks, is the first photograph I ever took with a digital camera. It’s a bit over-exposed, but my first photos are rarely this good….

Snow on the Island Park Bridge

Grand Ledge. Foot bridges are rarely this sturdy.

Kitties Like Christmas Trees

And tree skirts. Our cats do, anyway.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

My Cam Ranh photos are the earliest I’m confident I can date. One (it’s of the parade ground) was taken on the 14th, four (more or less like this) were taken on the 15th, and three were shots taken through our airplane’s window of the sun rising over the Pacific on the 16th.

A Passing Train

We were getting pictures of the Ken Boothe Sr/Lakes Contender tug/barge pair when we got distracted by this train, and its still painted Grand Trunk locomotive.

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