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On This Date: Photo taken 2/26/2007.

A decade ago we spent the weekend in Petoskey, just for a change from our usual Traverse City getaway.

Number of pix taken on various February 26ths: 434
Year of oldest photo: 2005

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  • 1 Star: 7
  • 2 Stars: 27
  • 3 Stars: 312
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  • 5 Stars: 9

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On the Beach

We eventually make it to Traverse City. Last year we found the water high, relatively little ice, and the beach at Pointes North much abbreviated.

Winter Through the Work Window

I actually had this cubicle twice. A reorganization took me away for an upstairs cubby with a view of the swamp, but then we moved to another building and a desk without windows. A few months later I transferred back to this building, and soon reclaimed this desk.

Rotting Before My Eyes

Roxand Township’s white settlers bought fairly small farms. This one had 80 acres, and about 20 of those were (and remain) swamp. Most of Codding’s near neighbors owned less land–30 acre plots were more common than I expected. Over the decades folks consolidated the farms. The houses–and the sheds and barns–were knocked down, or abandoned.

View from Room 251

Photo taken from Borgess Medical Center’s North Tower. This structure’s on the roof of, apparently, BMC’s Stryker Center. I expect it’s a skylight, but if so it’s a strange skylight.

Walldorff’s in Hastings

Two years ago we stopped for supper at Walldorff’s on our way to the Cooper’s Glen Music Festival in Kalamazoo. I had the Bowtie Pasta Florentine; Joan had the Orange Chicken Rice Bowl (I took pix). ‘Twas a fine supper.

The Broken Trellis

One year ago an overnight wind storm got our trellis. While we weren’t surprised to find it broken, we were surprised to find it so thoroughly broken. All three four-by-fours making its main frame proved to be rotten.


Late in the afternoon I took a very short walk along the Grand River in Grand Ledge’s Jaycee Park. This photo was likely my intention, as I’d tried to take it before. But I wandered around a bit and took a couple dozen others.


Another flawed photograph. This one was taken through a filthy windshield, which shows not only in the stripe that crosses the barn but in a couple fuzzy spots elsewhere. So I gave it an antique look.

A Tree in a Field

Just a day or two back I considered taking another photo of this tree. But I drove on.

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