A Day at the Beach, near Corpus Christi

A Day at the Beach

On This Date: Photo taken 4/21/1992

The note written on the photo’s back has today’s date a quarter century ago.

We spent the day at the beach. Debbie, Mom (Hatti), Richard, Jack, and Aunt Vi. And a whole lot of sand.

There were gulls, too. And tiny crabs, keeping a perimeter watch, hoping we’d drop something edible….

‘Twas originally a ballpark vacation, because that’s how we (adult) kids structured our summer trips for a decade or so. We’d see a game in Houston and another in Arlington, and see Texas in between.

But Mom’s sister Violet lived near Corpus Christi, and we had cousins on both sides in the Dallas area. Things got complicated.

We learned that Texas is big. But we had a good week. And the Astrodome game was among the best we’ve ever seen.

Number of pix taken on various April 21st: 1119
Year of oldest photo: 1991 [a ballgame, of course]

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On This Date: Photo taken 4/20/2014.

It’s the details, folks.

Building 50’s a massive structure that dominated–and still dominates–the campus of the Traverse City State Hospital. Now known as The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, the asylum’s buildings are being renovated to serve other purposes. I find the renovation itself fascinating. We visit once or twice each year, and have watched as the largely-abandoned complex has been (is being) transformed into a very different place. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

The massive building has these little corners that make fine photographs. Here’s one.

2014’s February trip to Traverse City was cancelled by a blizzard. We rescheduled the vacation to April, and invited my brother and sister to join us. Mostly we visited my family’s old haunts at Sleeping Bear, but Joan and I shared some places we’d learned to love in TC. This was one of those.

Number of pix taken on various April 20ths: 245
Year of oldest photo: 1992

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The Plum’s Flowers are Done

The Plum's Flowers are Done

On This Date: Photo taken 4/19/2012.

Sad to report that our Plum tree died last spring. I miss it.

Let me tell you: It’s easier to find interesting images from a set containing 1840 photographs than from a set containing 40. It’s also more work.

And there are other issues. On a typical April date I take photographs of a baseball game and/or of spring flowers in our garden. The best photograph’s nearly always a baseball action photo, but I really don’t want the baseball pix to dominate this project (there’s a reason I’ve a separate flickr account for baseball, after all). Likewise, I really don’t want the project to be all daffodils and tulips. These are editorial concerns, of course; on the whole I can’t think that you much care.

The photo counts stay high through September, and the mix changes when our vacations begin in June. But right now the baseball pix are a bit of an issue–not because they’re bad, but just because I take so many of ’em.

That said, there are two early-spring vacations represented in today’s set, and I pulled pix from both before deciding to go with the Plum. I expect you’ll see something from our April 2014 vacation in the next few days, and it’s real likely I’ll post a 1992 Texas photo before the week ends….

Number of pix taken on various April 19ths: 1840
Year of oldest photo: 1992

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McKeown Road Bridge

McKeown Road Bridge

On This Date: Photo taken 4/17/2014.

I took a random road out of Hastings on a whim and unexpectedly found myself at this pretty park. So I stopped, took some pictures, and read the historical marker.

Then on to Mulliken by roads I’d often ridden by bicycle.

I sketched this bridge’s history three years ago, and feel no need to repeat that today.

Number of pix taken on various April 17ths: 520
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OK. Let’s Point.

OK. Let's Point.

On This Date: Photo taken 4/15/2011.

Pregame conference & lineup exchange at Lansing’s Cooley Law School Stadium. The managers are Lansing’s Mike Redmond (pointing) and Dayton’s Delino DeShields; the umps are Gavin Hanson (home plate; also pointing) and Pat Hoberg. Mike was explaining something about the ballpark and the ground rules.

Most days the lineup exchange is pretty boring. They shake hands all around, trade slips of paper, and chat for a minute or two.

Sometimes, though….

Number of pix taken on various April 15ths: 201
Year of oldest photo: 1992

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The Smithville Dam

The Smithville Dam

On This Date: Photo taken 4/14/2014.

Near Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Taken after the biweekly get together with Mike, Joe, and Bob at the late, lamented Hamlin Square Coffee. I was seeking a photograph for my 2014-15 Birthday to Birthday photo-a-day project, but eventually went with an image taken at the coffee shop.

Number of pix taken on various April 14ths: 665
Year of oldest photo: 2005

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